Friday, November 22, 2013

Sorry I've been busy taking loads

Sorry I haven't posting in forever, but I've been too busy living life and haven't had enough time to document it.   Sex Sex Sex..... I've come to the conclusion that I'm a sex addict,  and that I absolutely LOVE IT!!   With in the last few weeks tops have been crawling out of the wood work to fuck my manhole. I'm glad the famine is over and the feast has begun.  Don't get me wrong I've been sucking ALOT of cock but finding guys to load my manhole has been a different story.    Ended up getting fucked four times this weekend by four different guys.  Two of them in their early twenties, which is a great ego boost.  Will try to go into more detail later, but I can't promise anything because taking dick and getting loaded up is priority over talking about it.   OINK  and pig on my friends

Friday, January 18, 2013

Extreme gay cum overload - weird...... -

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Monday, January 11, 2010

Right after my last post I met a hot young vers/top man who's hung like a horse. We've been getting together every few weeks for some hot casual sex, and recently started including Red in the mix. I love to be pinned under him as he's pounding my hole with his big cock. Funny thing is I love to flip him and pound him back. God that sweet furry hole is intoxicating, I'm not much of a rimmer but I could feast on his hole for hours. Plus I love the little grunts he makes as I slide my cock in deep. I have also never been all that interested in younger guys but now that I'm in my early forties, its amazing fucking and unloading in a handsome young guy. Guess I'm constantly morphing.

My dom/top guy has been too busy to hook up, we are hopefully going to meet this week but I'm not holding my breath. He confessed recently that he was in love with me, but can't seem to find time to meet me.....odd but whatever. We had some hot times this last summer fuckin in the woods. Having me bent over that park bench, fuckin and seeding my hole with his big fat cock over and over till I'm leaking his seed for the rest of the day. I do wish we could hook up more often...

Then I have this hot muscley black man who I hook up with every few weeks. It started with me just sucking his beautiful cock. Then one day he flipped me around and fucked me and we've been fuckin ever since. I love it when he fucks me doggy style, pulling me onto his large cock and driving it deep to its root. Hoping to hook up with him this week.

As for blow jobs I still have a couple guys that show up to the glory hole from time to time. I don't post on craigslist much anymore cuz I just don't have the time or patience to weed out all the flakes right now. I do have a married guy that shows up at work and I go out and service him in his van a couple times a week. Very nice cock and always shoots a big load.

So basically I got a nice line up of guys so not really looking for anything new. Plus I don't want to run the risk of getting a std. I got contacted by the health dept. recently that someone I was with tested positive for syphilis. I got tested and it came back negative, Red my partner wasn't so lucky and tested positive. It was strange that we're both versatile and bb fuck each other yet I tested neg and he tested pos. Didn't know this but you can only contract syphilis by coming in direct contact with a lesion. They repeatedly vaccinated us for 4 weeks with a thick penicillin type shot in the ass, which I liked to call our "whore shots", and Red is now cured and I'm still testing negative.

So thats about it, hope everyone is having a piggy good time out there and just remember to get tested for std's frequently.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hey sorry its been forever since I've posted. Have only had a few hookups this year that was blog worthy. I still have the dom top that comes into town now and then, unfort. we don't have a place to play so we have been fucking in the woods. We meet, I go down on him until his huge cock is fully erect, then I whip my pants down, spit on my fingers and use them to lube my hole then let him drive his huge cock deep up my ass. He pumps my hole with long deep strokes, pulling me onto him so that he goes balls deep. When he loads my hole I'm oozing his cum for the rest of the day. Its great to get a taste later in the day and think about the hot action that led to the huge load planted deep in my hole.

Me and Red also had a black couple stop over. Both big dicked tops that love to fuck and load a eager hole. We were a perfect match. Those guys fucked the hell out of us. At one point the guy that was fuckin me had me on my stomach/side with my one leg pulled up to my chest and he started hitting my prostrate good and hard. Man, no one has done that before and I was in ecstasy, it was like having a constant orgasm without actually cumming. They used us good and hard and left our holes filled and oozing their cum.

Other then that just working my glory hole now and then. Have a couple of guys that stop in from time to time. I love pressing my face to the hole and letting them fuck my mouth as hard and deep as they want. Then the long deep throat penetrating strokes when they get close, I love the feel of the head of their cocks wedged in my throat as it swells and spews huge loads down my throat.

Like I said haven't really had alot of sex partners this year but the ones that I've had have been very memorable... Slurp

Friday, February 27, 2009

Butt fucking is fun!

I got my first hook up from barebackrt this week. A hot latino guy hit me up and said he was going to be traveling through my area and was wondering if he could stop by and drop off a load in my hole........FUCK YEAH!

He stopped by and his pics did not do him justice. He was even hotter than his pics, how often does that happen, right. We immediately got naked and I got down on my knees and started to suck his cock. It grew in my mouth to massive proportions, Dam! Once he was completely hard I hoped up on the bed and he aimed the large head of his cock at my hole. With a couple of pokes he plunged deep in me and started to fuck me like a whore.

Occasionally he would pull out and tease my hole by just popping his cock head in and out then plunging back in to his root. He then flipped me over on my hands and knees and fucked me doggy style. God his cock felt good fucking my furry man hole. He rode me good and hard slamming his cock in deep. Our rhythm was solid with each stroke he drove his cock deeper and deeper.
Him: "Are you ready for my load"
Me:"Yes! Seed my hole!"
Him:"Hear it cums"

Then he drove his cock deep in me and I could feel it pulse as he flooded my guts with his semen. I then felt the spray of my own cock as the cum flew past my furry chest. He then got up and took a shower as I lay back and basked in the afterglow. After he left I headed to the bathroom and grabbed my double headed dildo and worked his load out of my ass then lapped it up off of the floor of the bathtub. Dam he has great tasting jizz!

He stopped by a few days later on his way back home and we did a repeat of our hot sex session and he deposited another load in my hungry hole. He travels through frequently so it looks like I got a new fuck buddy. FUCK YES!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Tag Team at the glory hole

Last Saturday I had a guy make an appt. to visit my glory hole. This time would be his second visit. Nice cock, decent load. We planned on midnight. Then the married guy got a hold of me and was wondering if I was free at midnight. Told him I had someone already lined up but would ask the other guy if he minded having company. A quick text message to the other guy who was all for it.

The married guy showed up first and got down to business pumping my mouth with his cock. Soon the other guy showed up as well. It was hot having one guy fuck my mouth then have him back away to see the other guys silhouette of his hard cock come at me. They swapped back and forth pumping my mouth, telling me to "Suck that cock, you little cock whore", "boy he's good, definitely loves cock". They face fucked me for awhile when the one guy asked, "you ready to be fed." "Uh hu" I mumbled mouth full of his cock. "Here it cums" then he flooded my mouth with his semen, squirt, squirt, squirt until he was spent, balls drained. He pulled back and with just enough time to swallow some of his seed, the married man shoved his cock back in my mouth. "Milk that dick, cocksucker!" I did as ordered and within another five minuted he started to blow his huge load in my mouth. He then zipped up and left as well and I sat there with the taste of the two guys sperm still lingering in my mouth.